Monday, March 11, 2013

How to Import the Excel Data into the MS SQL Database table

Create a Dummy table name is Dummy_Tyring and create column name as per Excel Sheet.
The existing table name is Properties

1.Just copy all data from Excel File and paste into the Dummy_Tyring table

2.Execute the below update Query
update [Properties]
set [Properties].Tiring = Dummy_Tyring.Tiring
FROM [Properties]
INNER JOIN Dummy_Tyring ON [Properties].PropertyPIN = Dummy_Tyring.PIN

3.Now all the dummy data information has moved to Existing Database table.


How to check the W2WP Process is running in the Sharepoint

Opend cmd


ASP.Net and C Sharp String Manipulation

1.using foreach loop for split the comma in that string

 foreach (string c in Controls.Text.Split(','))
                        if (c == Target.ID)

2.Get the specific values in that string using substring method

3.Replace the string
toAddress = toAddress.Replace(";", ",");

4.Get the string after comma
string[] words = subject.Split(',');
                string title = words[0];
                string Roomtoretrieve = words[1];
                string MeetingRoom = words[2];