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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sharepoint interview Questions part 1

1.What is the difference between an Internet and an intranet site?
An internet site is a normal site that anyone on the internet can access (e.g.,,, etc.). You can set up a site for your company that can be accessed by anyone without any user name and password.
An intranet (or internal network), though hosted on the Web, can only be accessed by people who are members of the network। They need to have a login and password that was assigned to them when they were added to the site by the site administrator.

2. What are the advanced features of MOSS 2007?
* User Interface (UI) and navigation enhancements * Document management enhancements * The new Workflow engine * Office 2007 Integration * New Web Parts * New Site-type templates * Enhancements to List technology * Web Content Management * Business Data Catalog * Search enhancements * Report Center * Records Management * Business Intelligence and Excel Server * Forms Server and InfoPath * The “Features” feature * Alternate authentication providers and Forms-based authentication

3. How can I raise the trust level for assemblies installed in the BIN directory?
Windows SharePoint Services can use any of the following three options from ASP.NET and the CLR to provide assemblies installed in the BIN directory with sufficient permissions. The following table outlines the implications and requirements for each option.
Option Pros Cons
Increase the trust level for the entire virtual server. For more information, see "Setting the trust level for a virtual server" Easy to implement.
In a development environment, increasing the trust level allows you to test an assembly with increased permissions while allowing you to recompile assemblies directly into the BIN directory without resetting IIS. This option is least secure.
This option affects all assemblies used by the virtual server.There is no guarantee the destination server has the required trust level. Therefore, Web Parts may not work once installed on the destination server.
Create a custom policy file for your assemblies. For more information, see "How do I create a custom policy file?" Recommended approach.
This option is most secure.
An assembly can operate with a unique policy that meets the minimum permission requirements for the assembly.
By creating a custom security policy, you can ensure the destination server can run your Web Parts.
Requires the most configuration of all three options.Install your assemblies in the GAC
Easy to implement. This grants Full trust to your assembly without affecting the trust level of assemblies installed in the BIN directory.
This option is less secure.
Assemblies installed in the GAC are available to all virtual servers and applications on a server running Windows SharePoint Services. This could represent a potential security risk as it potentially grants a higher level of permission to your assembly across a larger scope than necessary
In a development environment, you must reset IIS every time you recompile assemblies.
Licensing issues may arise due to the global availability of your assembly.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sharepoint Real time Interview Questions

1.What are the different systems to connect business data catalog?
2.Can we connect MS Acees to BDC? Or not?
3.Business Data catalog write back to SQL database?
4.Have u used features?